She can’t write!

There’s always a part of every job that is stressful, right? The part you hate doing the most. Maybe it’s balancing the budget. Maybe you hate presentations. Organizing your desk… AH, I hate it! 

Well, I got to admit. For me, it’s writing. This blog thing is scary as hell for me. I have never felt confident in my writing skills. Writing never came naturally to me. I never knew how to organize my thoughts and how to make a proper “outline” to build from. I guess I was absent that day in school. When it came to my college essays, I was traumatized. I remember giving my dad one of my essays to read. I had written about how much I loved the mall! What! Who was I? How could I even imagine that would win a college over? Well, needless to say, he stopped half way through, looked at my mom and said, “she can’t write.” I was devastated. I’ll never forget it. “She can’t write.”

Anyway, in all fairness, I don’t think I was ever really taught how to write until I got to college. I took a beginners writing class and I learned some good skills. The easiest and most logical. If you write a sentence and there is a question in the readers mind, then the following sentence must answer that question. Huh? That is so smart! Well, it helped me get started on my journey. I still don’t think I have perfected it, but I try and I actually enjoy it sometimes.  What’s really difficult is that my dad was an AMAZING writer. He was a lawyer and had to write all the time for work. He could turn out anything and make it sound beautiful. I always wished I had gotten that talent. It skipped me but it did go to my 8-year-old daughter. (Maybe I should hire her to write my blogs.)

But, I’m going to see this as a learning experience. I’m hoping you’ll bear with me as I try to get better at it. 

There is one other lesson here.  My father had no idea how much his words hurt me.  He would've been devastated to know how I carried those words my entire life.  So, we as parents, need to be careful.  Our words can hurt.  I try to think before I speak to my kids.  I mess up A LOT.  But, when I'm lucky to realize it, I apologize and move on until the next time.