Guilty pleasures and personal tidbits

In an effort to be real with you about what makes my heart sing, I wanted to share a few guilty pleasures and personal tidbits.  This is who I am.  Get to know me, and thanks for stopping by!  (I'm looking forward to getting to know you!)


I wish I could tell my mom, “You know what mom, you were always right.”

I believe that smelling a certain scent can take you back in time in an instant. For me … Drakkar Noir.  Enough said!

I love that my daughter asks me to tell her stories from my youth at bedtime.  Dr. Suess 'aint got nothing on me.

My father taught me to love photography.  Taking pictures still connects me to him.

I believe in the necessity of Nutella.  All you need is a spoon.

My favorite memory is 30 seconds long.  My mom smiling at me on a car ride.  Pure simple love.  She is gone now, but the snapshot keeps her alive forever in my heart.

I believe in a comfy pair of pajamas.  The elastic waistband expands perfectly after secretly eating all of my kids snacks.

Great TV for me is Forensic Files and Dateline Mysteries.  Don’t they know by now it’s either for the insurance money or because of the affair?!?!?

I love doing things with my daughter that I did with my mom.  As a kid, I stood combing my mom's hair for hours.  As an adult, I lay next to my daughter, combing her hair for what FEELS like hours.  (Isn't she supposed to be combing my hair?!?)

I NEVER shut off my car if an 80's song is on, even if I am in my driveway.

I still love dancing alone in my room. Why should I change after 20 years?